brand, molecule of brand, brand-code, portfolio of brands


Introduction. Nowadays, the development of the economy of Ukraine is a demonstration of the trend towards globalization and the necessity for enterprises, including greater understanding, to give more nutrition to the form and brand development.

Hypothesis of scientific research. The management of brands’ portfolio positioning should not be based only on trademarks, which belong to an enterprise, but also on the construction of molecule of brands portfolio, which affect on the decision of the consumer independently of holding them, that allows the increasement of the validity of proper brand in the eyes of consumer.

Aim of this research is the extension of the theoretical foundations and the development of science-and-practical recommendations, which is followed by the complete management of the brand portfolio.

Methods of investigation: The following tools: (goal setting, information and marketing communications; marketing research); models, methods and techniques (traditional methods of statistics, analysis, marketing) modeling; model of brand code and mental fields according to T. Ged; naming techniques); the method of generalization of information, the result of which is the development of the brand / brands, the formation of the portfolio; formation of a brand beech were used in the study.

Results of research. Based on the analysis of portfolio concepts in brand management, the essence of the brand portfolio as a set of brands that make up the brand carrier and affect the associated position in the perception of the consumer, regardless of ownership of the company is precised. The meaning "brand carrier" refers to a product, brand, enterprise, organization, person or character associated in the minds of consumers with a certain distinctive quality.

Conclusions: Approaches to the formation of brand portfolios, which can be centric (based on the hierarchy of brands and based on systems / networks of brands) and invariant – based on the "molecule" of the portfolio. The model of the organization of management of a brand which includes principles, the purpose, tasks, essence of management and directions of works is formed. Systematized principles of brand management, which we divide into general and specific. Methodical approaches to brand management on the basis of brand positioning are studied, it is established that the method of brand management on the basis of brand positioning should be understood as a way of its practical implementation, then the method is a set of methods and techniques of its appropriate application.


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Author Biography

Pavlo M. Dudko, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine

PhD, Associate Professor of Department of Entrepreneurship and Business, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine