Oleksandr H. Zyma, Olena V. Ptashchenko, Iryna O. Shevchenko, Olena M. Afanasieva


Introduction. Features of international marketing are determined by the specific environment in which it is implemented. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the attitude of the national government to foreign economic activity. It can create favorable conditions for carrying out foreign economic activities. Conversely, the government may be uninterested in the entry of its individual firms into the foreign market, and may create all sorts of obstacles along the way. Marketing in general and international marketing today is characterized by the rapid aging of ideas and concepts caused by the changing market situation. And the company management system is inertial: the marketing strategies, methods and techniques used yesterday are still in use today. Therefore, it is useful to involve third parties to conduct a marketing audit, which allows you to take a fresh look at the usual circumstances and conditions, bring in new ideas and open up new opportunities.

The hypothesis. It is assumed that the processes of globalization have a significant impact not only on the development of international marketing, but also on marketing audit, which in turn allows to determine the features of international marketing.

The aim of the article is a study of the essence of international marketing and marketing audit, presents their main characteristics and principles of interaction in modern business conditions.

The research methodology: method of systematic analysis and logical generalization – for implementation of directions of development of international marketing; substrate approach – to justify and systematize the features of international marketing and marketing audit.

Results: Features of international marketing and marketing audit are substantiated, it allows to evaluate the activity of the enterprise in the sphere of marketing and international marketing, to compare the obtained data on the marketing activity of the enterprise in the domestic and foreign markets with the approach to the marketing of direct competitors, to develop recommendations for increasing the efficiency of marketing division , on the use of modern marketing tools and features of international marketing and to determine the algorithm their implementation to meet the new requirements of the market and the competitive situation, to evaluate the effectiveness of existing staff of marketing, make personnel decisions, identify qualitative and quantitative needs for staff.

Conclusions: the question of conducting a marketing audit in today's conditions of functioning of enterprises is of the highest priority. Its need is to determine the effectiveness of existing management methods, as well as to develop new approaches to creating a complex marketing within the enterprise strategy, which operates in the context of European integration and globalization processes.


marketing; international marketing; marketing audit; marketing audit

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