social entrepreneurship, adaptive infrastructure, small and medium-sized enterprises


Introduction and the aim of the research: in the early stage of the Ukrainian business formation the creation of institutions to provide service and support for small and medium-sized business structures was somehow an end in itself. It slightly depended on actual demands for their services from the side of concrete economic entities. It was considered, that the creation and development of such institutions would lay the foundations of the future integrated market infrastructure of the country. Social entrepreneurship is aimed at finding the effective mechanisms to solve social issues, lessen social tension and initiate the blurring of intersectoral boundaries. Social entrepreneurship is oriented to satisfy the needs of population, and, as a result, is able to perform some state functions while being in regular contact with it. Social and economic researches of specificity and perspectives of social entrepreneurship development in the Ukrainian context are essential for deepening knowledge about this phenome on and creating the necessary empirical base for predicting the vectors of national economic development.

Hypothesis of the scientific research is based on the totality of scientific concepts and principles of entrepreneurship development, which give the proof of possibility to increase the effectiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises` activities by the improvement of its support, based on the development and implementation of the adaptive infrastructure model for social entrepreneurship support, using the improved and new mechanisms and institutions.

The aim of the research is to systematize and devise the methods of development and support of social entrepreneurship and to reveal its actual possibilities and limitations while accomplishing socially important activities.

The methods of the research: general methods of scientific knowledge, such as the methods of synthesis and analysis, methods of generalization and prediction, economic analysis, methods of statistics and cluster analysis, correlation of theoretical and practical aspects of the research.

The results of the research: the essence of the category “adaptive infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises support” was disclosed in the article. It was based on the comparative characteristics of main approaches to the notion of “adaptivity” with regard to the system of institutions of infrastructural support of small and medium-sized social enterprises activities. Also the conceptual model of formation of adaptive infrastructure of social entrepreneurship support was developed. It takes into account the requirements of all the interested parties, identifies the role and place of social business formations in the system of its institutions.

Conclusions: infrastructural support of the entrepreneurial activity it is the system of organization of different types, functional purposes and forms of property, united by the aim to create favorable conditions for the rational management of small and medium-sized entrepreneurial structures at different stages of their development. Considering this system not only as the totality of relations and connections between its elements, but also as an integral object, possessing a range of qualities and characteristics, specified by the properties and qualities of its separate elements and connections between them, we can regard it as the complex adaptive system.


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Author Biographies

Valeriia G. SHCHERBAK, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Head of Department of Entrepreneurship and Business

Nastia SAVCHUK, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design

PhD student