• Petro Kalyta Ukrainian Association of Excellence and Quality, Kyiv, Ukraine.



sustainability, management, leadership, standards, management systems, managers


Problem statement and tasks. It is known that the state of the Ukrainian economy is unsatisfactory and needs significant improvement. To change the situation for the better, the President of Ukraine issued a Decree "On Sustainable Development Goals of Ukraine for the period until 2030", which is a guide to the latest development of the country focused on people. Besides, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Principles of Social Responsibility adopted by the United Nations. However, the real sustainable development of the country can not be achieved without advanced management systems that ensure at different organizational levels of management the adoption and implementation of a set of agreed management decisions adequate to situations and their changes. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the state of system management in Ukraine, as well as the state of training of Ukrainian specialists in specialty "management", on which the creation, application, and improvement of management systems in organizations (companies, institutions) depend to the greatest extent.

Research methods. In the course of this research methods of comparative analysis, data analysis by their grouping, and generalization of information have been applied.

Results. Conceptual models of sustainable development of both individual organizations and Ukraine as a whole are proposed. The key role of modern system management in ensuring competitiveness and sustainable development is pointed out. The state of system management in Ukraine and the state of training specialists in specialty "management" in the Ukrainian higher education institutions are analyzed; shortcomings are identified and suggestions for their elimination are provided. An inadequate translation of the "management" concept’s definition in the DSTU ISO 9000:2015 is revealed and the causes and consequences of this fundamental error are investigated. 

Conclusions. Since Ukraine got its independence until today, due attention has not been paid to system management development there. There is no central executive body responsible for the development of system management in the country as a whole. The problem of system management improvement has not been reflected either in any government policy or in any development strategy for specific life spheres. Public sector organizations, in particular, executive governmental authorities and business companies mainly use outdated imperfect management systems. In the country, there is a confusion in the understanding of the "management" concept, which has led to the inadequate definition of knowledge areas and specialties. The stage of manager’s education in the Ukrainian higher education institutions does not meet the needs of Ukraine's development and its economy in the conditions of a globalized saturated market. To eliminate the mentioned shortcomings and improve the situation, it is urgent to change the attitude to this extremely important component of state-building. 


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Author Biography

Petro Kalyta, Ukrainian Association of Excellence and Quality, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher, President of the Ukrainian Association of Excellence and Quality, Kyiv, Ukraine.